6 Hidden expenses to include in your travel budget

For every journey you take abroad, traveling always comes with a number of surprises along the way. Most of them are welcome, but the last surprise you want is an unexpected or hidden cost that wasn’t included in your travel budget. This can prove to be anything from a minor inconvenience to a catastrophic end to your vacation.

This is why it’s important to be aware of the common hidden expenses that come with traveling, so that you can include them in your budget and travel with ease of mind knowing that everything is covered. To prevent any unwelcome surprises, here are six hidden expenses that you should consider before your next vacation.


Perhaps the most important, yet least considered expense is one that only happens out of chance. Emergency expenses can include anything from an injury or illness to a missed flight or change of accommodation. These things tend to happen when we least expect them, so being prepared will go a long way in ensuring a stress-free vacation. 


Especially if you’re traveling to a location that you’re unfamiliar with, it can be difficult to determine how much it will cost to get from one place to another. Public transport fees are subject to change and not every route might be accounted for. 

Of course, renting a car is a good way to prevent this, and has a number of additional benefits, such as convenience, comfort and freedom to go where you want to. Check out this rental company’s wide range of affordable cars. 

Currency Conversion

Using ATMs abroad can be pretty expensive, and paying for products with your card often incurs some hefty transaction fees. It might be a better option to exchange your money before you travel, or at the very least, put some aside for transaction fees. 

Phone Bill

International calls and data roaming charges are also often extremely expensive. Your best bet would be to make use of Wi-Fi networks when calling or messaging anyone from abroad, or picking up a local SIM card to use when you’re traveling. Other alternatives such as payphones can be used in dire situations. 

Eating and Drinking

While perhaps a little more obvious than other expenses on this list, consider that you’ll likely be eating out for all three of your daily meals. This, of course, can prove to be very expensive, especially in tourist hotspots. It’s recommended that you do your research beforehand and find budget-friendly restaurants to eat at during your travels.


Many countries have their own health risks that can result in travel-related infections, so having the necessary immunizations is important. You might also need to prove that you’ve received a vaccination before entering certain countries. Consider either including this in your budget, or taking out travel insurance to cover medical expenses. 

Keeping these expenses in mind when planning your travel budget will go a long way in giving you peace of mind knowing that you have enough funds to make the most of your vacation. If you prepare, you won’t have to repair! 

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