It’s Wednesday again. I’m not sure how. But it is. I love this shot of the kitchen in our #home. We’re renovating a 1960’s house that had, from what I can gather, original kitchen, bedroom carpets, the oven looked original when we moved in too. You can see the before and after images on my blog, under the our home category.

I love that we’ve made the kitchen space brighter. Painting the doors have made a huge difference. We need to get the tiles off the wall, get a new worktop and splashback for our lovely oven. It currently has an old orange extractor fan and it looks horrendous. I’ll show you the awful sight in my stories!

We’re starting work on the utility room soon too, our new floor tiles have been ordered from @harveymaria. They are beautiful and I’m 100% sure they’ll do the original 70’s style tiles justice! Can’t wait to see it all.

Do I go for white walls or colour?


It’s Wednesday again. I’m not...

The kiddies requested a Maccie D’s style breakfast for dinner 🥞 - so I made American style pancakes, with sausage and maple syrup.

They had 6 pancakes each and demolished the lot. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I wish they ate all meals with such conviction but peas and parsnips clearly don’t float their boat!

Not the best photography! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I had no time to take them as the kiddies couldn’t wait any longer.

Who else has pancakes only for their meal on Shrove Tuesday? I have to have pancakes. Happy to have a savoury one as long as I get a sweet one too! 🥞


The kiddies requested a Maccie...

I love this photo from half term. It’s whooshed past so quickly. I can’t quite believe it’s gone already. The 6 week countdown to the Easter Holidays has begun.

We always fill our weeks with lots of things to do, it just means they zoom by. The kids go from one #activity to the next. They have after school clubs, boxing, football, swimming, drama and cubs after school. Friday is the only day they do not have anything booked in. It’s so manic.

Before I know it Saturday is here again and I’ve not done anything significant. I guess I’ll have to make my Saturdays full of significant things 😂. Who else thinks the week go by too quickly at the moment?


I love this photo from...

We had a lovely day today. No plans whatsoever when we woke up. Which felt marvellous. I stayed in my PJs until 11am 😱. Sunday is the only day that’s possible, so I like to make the most of it. Not sure why, but it feels like you’re winning when you have extra hours in bed clothes!

We then arranged an impromptu dog walk with Nanny & Grandad. Which was lovely as the kiddies have missed them. The weeks are flying by at the moment and we’ve not seen them for 5 of them! It’s terrible as the kids saw them twice a week, every week up until a year ago. It must be hard for them all not having that regular routine.

Isla often cries her heart out for Nanny & Grandad. On Thursday evening, after a long day she was so emotional and cried for them. It breaks my heart, as at 8pm I can’t really do anything about it.

When I was growing up I stayed at my grandmas once a week. It was slightly different as I lived in the same town, which helped with school and my normal routine. But I had that closeness with my grandparents that never goes away. It’s my safe place.

I really want the same for my kiddies too! I guess it was a kick up the bum to make sure I plan that time in and not let the weeks get on top of me! #familytime is just perfect. 
We had a nice walk in the mud. Everything was thick and gooey. The kids, of course, loved it. I asked them not to get muddy: do you think they listened? Nope! Covered!!
Hope everyone has had a lovely Sunday 🤩
I’m off to watch @callthemidwife.official finale now 😫😭 I hate it when it gets to the final episode. 

We had a lovely day...

It’s been a day of fun and #games today. Noah had a football match this morning, Daddy said it was a good game and very close. Whilst Noah was slide tackling everyone, Isla and I took some soups to Grandmas. Hubby made some carrot and coriander soups for her this week as fresh ingredient soup is just the best!

Isla then went climbing with Daddy. They love going to Big Rock in MK. Isla is so brave. She climbs right up to the top of the really tall walls. It amazes me.

We then snuggled to watch the final Harry Potter. We’ve now watched them all. We have waited 5 years for this moment and we all loved it. I got a little confused with Snape’s memories but I think I’m back on track. I must finish the books now 🤣

Has anyone else had a busy Saturday? #mummyphotoaday

It’s been a day of...

When it comes to a #horizon, I couldn’t not share this. Back from our trip to the Peak District. It was meant to be Summer. It felt like this week: windy, raining and unpredictable.

The views went on for miles at the top of his peak; Mam Tor wedged in between Castleton and Edale.

It was a beautiful area, picturesque and a treat for your eyes. I love places like that. It’s a shame we didn’t get to stop & enjoy the local beer gardens and cafes due to the weather.

We go on lots of adventures throughout the year: weekend trips camping, staycations and holidays abroad. Our next adventure is pretty epic too and every time I think about it I get butterflies! 🥰

We are off to Dubai soon! 😱😱😱 it must be real I’ve said it out loud. I’m so excited I might explode and I’m pretty sure the views will be nothing like this Peak District. Because the views we will have will be extraordinary. It’s our biggest adventure yet as a family. Biggest as in flight time, cost, special and unplanned. We’ve booked our flights and we’re super lucky to be staying with friends. Other than that we have no idea! What are we going to do in Dubai? Anyone been? Any ideas?


When it comes to a...

Ah it’s #loveyourpetday - what a great way to see each others furbabies. Well these are mine:

Photo 1 = Rambo the Jack Russell & Snoopy the Cockerspaniel. As many of you know, Snoopy is blind and partially deaf which is challenging. However, he is such a happy pooch and loves a snuggle. I think Rambo has lost a little hearing too as he’s getting old. He will be 13 on April 3rd! It’s gone by so quickly.

Photo 2 = Rocky. He’s my Tom cat fluffbag and I like to call him Rockstar! He was my engagement present from Hubby. He’s the best cat. He snuggles with me every night, under the covers, he’s very set in a routine.

It’s funny how furbabies get their own little #pattern to make it through the day. All the pets sit by the bed at night for a treat. And I think Rambo is very cat like and Rocky is very dog like too. They definitely have those characteristics.

Rambo is 12, Rocky is 11 and Snoopy is 10. Noah is 9... then we broke the pattern as Isla is 7 🤣 (it wasn’t intentional). #mummyphotoaday #dogsofinstagram #catsofinstagram

Ah it’s #loveyourpetday - what...

Sometimes I like to have fun with images. I don’t do it very often but it is amazing what you can do with a photo using filters.

The first image is the edited version, I’ve added a #bokeh filter on it. I’ve used @pixlr for this. It adds an orangey colouring to the photo and enhances the sun rays.

The original, swipe left, is still good and has its own bokeh and sun rays shining on it. But is less orangey and doesn’t seem as bright. It’s still a good photo though.

I took this with my iPhone. Sometimes when I need a quiet moment, one where I can play with the filters and change the feel of a photo it helps me to unwind. Gives my brain 5 minutes to regain itself and then I’m ready to crack on with whatever it was!

Which one do you prefer? Just out of curiosity - there’s no right or wrong answer! 🤣


Sometimes I like to have...

12 Ways to show your dog you care

Pet owners often lead very busy lives, and it can sometimes feel difficult to give dogs the attention they deserve. No matter how busy your schedule might be, you must look for ways to prove to your dog how much you love them. To do so, read the 12 ways to show your pet you care. Even if you only manage some of them a day, it’s better than nothing. Our pets are like children to me, I love them dearly, but I do not have hours in the day sometimes to get everything done. It’s a juggling balance.

  1. A Morning Cuddle

Wake up five or ten minutes early each morning to spend a little time with your dog. Not only will it make your dog feel both happy and loved, but it can also make you feel happier and might reduce your stress levels. Even on your busiest days, make time for your dog, so they will know they haven’t been forgotten about.

  1. Leave Pet Toys

You’re bound to feel a little guilty when leaving a pet inside the home as you go to work or the store. Provide your canine companion with plenty of toys to play with in your absence. This will help to keep their boredom at bay, as they will have many things to occupy them until you return home.

  1. Care for Your Pet’s Health

Pay close attention to your pet’s health to ensure they feel both healthy and happy. Not only should you schedule regular appointments with a qualified vet, but you should also provide him or her with the right food based on their age, breed and size. You’ll also need to keep annoying fleas away from your pet with an effective treatment, such as Advecta flea medicine.

  1. Go for a Walk

Nothing says “I love you” more to a dog than taking him or her on a long walk. They will love to spend their days sniffing and exploring the great outdoors with you by their side. So, buy a durable, retractable leash that will allow them to stretch their legs and experience new sights and smells. They’ll realise just how much you love them, and you can guarantee they will love you in return.

  1. Gentle Massages

Many people instinctively pat a dog on his or her head to show affection, but this can be perceived by your pet as a sign of dominance. Show your affection and create a stronger bond by gently massaging their bellies or behind their ears, which your pet will love. Canines also love the feeling of a soft brush against through their coat.

  1. Praise Your Pet

Praise your pet to boost their feelings of security and to reinforce good behaviour. While it can be easy to shout at a dog when they misbehave, it can be more beneficial to reward them when they are being good. For instance, you should provide your pet with praise when they are sitting quietly and calmly, or if they have followed a command. Massage their belly or provide them with a treat to reward them for their good behaviour.

  1. Be Aware of Your Body Language

Pets might not always understand the things you say, but they will understand your body language. A loud, tense demeanour may make your pet feel afraid and unsecure, which could cause them to cower, tuck in their tails or lower their heads. Whilst an angry dog will push his or her ears back and raise their hackles. You must therefore pay close attention to not only your own body language, but theirs, too. As a result, you can alter your own demeanour to improve their happiness.

  1. Take Your Pet for a Drive

Most dogs love a car ride. So, if you need to run a few errands, take your pet with you rather than leaving him or her alone at home. However, never leave your dog alone in a car, as temperatures can suddenly drop or reach high temperatures, which could impact their health. So, only take a pet with you if you know you won’t have to leave him or her in the car.

  1. Attend a Training Class

Dogs often do not know the difference between right and wrong without the right training. As a result, they will wonder what they have done wrong if you become angry when they destroy a toy or make a mess within the home. By teaching your pet right from wrong, they will be less likely to make mistakes, so will be less likely to be chastised.

So, set some time aside in your schedule to take your dog to training sessions once or twice a week. You should also try to spend 15 minutes with your pet each day to practice the techniques you have learned in class.

  1. Hang Out with Your Pet

Dogs love to interact with others. Even the simplest forms of interaction can make them feel loved. For example, you could allow your pooch to lay on your lap whilst you watch TV or are at your desk. Even laying at your feet will provide your pet with both love and attention, as you’ll provide him or her with some company.

  1. Feed Your Dog by Hand

Many experts believe that feeding your dogs by hand is an intimate experience between a canine and the pet owner. As a result, it can help you create a stronger relationship with your pet pooch. What’s more, it will prove to your dog that you are the food provider, which can prevent food aggression. It is, however, a more effective option for puppies, as the need to feed adult dogs by hand may eventually fade, but you can still feed them by hand when providing them with treats.

  1. Tell Them You Love Them

Science published a study that found dogs can understand some human speech. The findings were discovered when dogs were studied in an MRI scanner, and they experienced increased happiness when they heard not only a praising tone, but actual words of praise. So, not only do they listen to a pet owner’s tone of voice, but they can also interpret the meanings of the words expressed. So, tell your pet just how much you love them, as they may be able to understand you.


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Thursday 14 December 2017
12 Ways to show your dog you care

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