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How to make sure your holiday goes smoothly

You know it’s true; you wait all year for your big summer break, planning and meticulouslydrawing up schedules, and as the date approaches and you start to pack, you often take far too many items away with you. Overpacking, and subsequently struggling with heavy luggage can make for a stressful start to timeaway, so take what you need and resist squeezing everything but the kitchen sink into your suitcases. As the date of your holiday comes ever closer, set some time aside to make a detailed list, and then to try and half that list to only include the essentials. If you’re travellingwith young children, then it’s vital to keep them happy and entertained when waiting in queues, to board flights, and when out for food, for example. What are the best ways of making sure your holiday goes smoothly? Below are four top tips to ensure you have a stressfree time away.