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2019 photo challenge March day 23

Today’s keyword for the #mummyphotoaday photo challenge, March day 23, is “lovely”. Today has been a mixture of #lovely and not so… can you see why from this photo? Noah was called home from school yesterday as he had tummy pains, not cramps, pains. He played a bit of his footy game and all was going well. But I think his poorliness took over when this photo was taken 😂 he didn’t want a photo… we then had a productive afternoon. I have new shiny wardrobe doors in the bedroom and we have a nice new bathroom cabinet on the wall. I also started to build to trampoline. Tonight Isla and I went to see The Bodyguard at the Mk theatre and it was amazing. Isla didn’t get it and it was a little scary for Isla. My car window broke on the way into the car park, it wouldn’t go up and close. Thankfully the kind security man sat with it so it was safe… after calling the RAC out: it closed! 🤦🏼‍♀️ one of those days! #mummyphotoaday