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Family time the smart TV way!

LG sent us a new model of their smart TV range recently and it has changed the way the family watches TV in so many ways. LG’s smart TV’s are not just your everyday WiFi ready, HD, app fantastic TV – the whole system is designed to make it easier, sleeker and better for the family. Even Noah and Isla can operate it which is fabulous as Nanny can’t! 

Cupets – a virtual pet that isn’t all virtual

These little collectable and cute cube shaped pets are a great way to have a pet that is virtual and in real life at the same time. It is a unique idea that Flair have come up with and the kids were amazed when they saw their little cupet come to life… it works with your mobile/tablet device and literally springs to life!

Albelli…. Get your orders in before the Valentines cut off…

I have had the opportunity to review Albelli, a place where you can get your photos from your computer onto a photobook or a piece of wall art… Admit it? You take hundreds of photos of your little family, the cat/dog, babies/children and your partner, but how often do you get them printed out into a fantastic photobook or piece of wall art? With Valentines Day looming I thought I

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