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Over the years I have been dabbling in and out of photography from a “quick get that photo” moment to a semi-professional shoot. I help out with Daddy’s business on weddings and have taken some studio shots of the little ones on occasion. But mainly, I take my little Nikon 1 everywhere with me (unless I can get my hands on Daddy’s Canon’s of course) and the more I explore it’s capabilities, the better the photo’s are getting. My love of Lightroom and presets also helps and I am learning more and more on the software as the days go on…


I love angles, colours and capturing those special moments, you know the ones where you sit and stare at a photo and it makes you melt inside. I look at the photo opportunity in such a way that I analyse how I can take that photo and then during the editing process what I can do to make the photo better. I recently had a little eye opener when Tots100 deemed me to be Instagrammer of the week, they identified the fact I take photos with cool angles and colourful pictures. It spurred me into doing more with my photography, which in turn will push me to do more and better things. Daddy you better hide the Canons!!


This is a collection of all my recent, favourite iPhone photos that I have instagrammed.







Thank you for voting me October 2013’s instagrammer of the month Tots100!

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