Minene: Fun Pyjamas for little ones


Minene sent us some of their fun pyjamas for Noah to review, we were lucky enough to get the pirate design for little Noah as he loves his pirates.

Minene products are really good quality and really funky for the boys and cute for the girls: the little vintage flower design for the girlies is just adorable. They are long sleeved pyjamas, with a jersey cotton top and long John style trousers. The Minene nightwear collection is made from 100% jersey cotton and comes gift packed in a lovely organza bag with fun themed tag. Available in a range of sizes and designs.

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They have been put through the mill at the Constant household as we wash clothes at a high temperature and tumble dry them to get the main dampness out, before hanging on the line. These pyjamas were still in perfect condition, not distorted, colours had not run and looked brand new afterwards. I was really impressed as many of you know, I am not the most domesticated and very quickly destroy clothes by not following instructions properly with washing machines and tumble dryers. So I was really pleased when these went through the normal routine we have with the washing and did not require any special treatment.

I think they look really cute on Noah, I love the fact the trousers have a nice elasticated waistband that doesn’t irritate Noah because it has been well made and the trousers are open at the bottom, almost giving off a flare type of look. They fit snuggly over his feet when he wears them and I think the style of them is just really nice.

To see more of the Minene products, visit their website: http://www.minene.co.uk/. You can like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MineneUkLtd and follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mineneuk.


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