Keeping dry this Autumn with Susino umbrellas

It’s getting to that time of year where you need your trusty umbrellas and we were lucky enough to receive a family bundle from Susino just in time. They have the perfect umbrellas for Mummy, Daddy, boys and girls and lots of choice too. We had lots of fun in the rain this afternoon with them too, who says you can’t have fun in the rain

The kiddies umbrellas

Noah chose the handprint bubble dome umbrella,  it’s a great price and captures a lot of the rain due to the dome like shape. I love the bold colours in it too, right on target with this seasons colours! Isla chose the flamingo bubble dome umbrella.  She loves pink so it was no wonder she chose this umbrella. It is the perfect shape to keep the kiddies as dry as possible. Fantastically priced at £7.99 each. They are perfect for back to school and making sure there are no excuses to arriving to school on time. 

Mummy & Daddy’s umbrellas 

Mummy chose the Sausage dog umbrella, it’s super cool as you press a button and it pops open. No faffing around to try and open up the umbrella when the rain starts. I love it. It folds up to a handy size meaning I can fit it in my handbag easily too. At £19.99 it really is a great price. I love the design too, the little sausage dogs are so cute. Daddy chose the green selfie stick umbrella. Like mine its compact so fits in the rucksacks comfortably, meaning we can take it out with us on family days out. It costs the same as mine too, so a bargain umbrella cross selfie stick. I love the fact you can put your mobile phone onto the end of the umbrella stick and never miss out on the selfie moments, even in the rain! 

We had a lot of fun with these umbrellas at the park today. Check out the rest of the Susino range on their website: I would love to know your thoughts about a good umbrella in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 

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