Saturday 19 August 2017

We had a very fun and spontaneous day at Drayton Manor, it’s the first time we’ve been in the Summer when the park is fully open. We usually go to Thomasland for Christmas. It was great as Isla was tall enough to go on some rollercoasters. We all had a fun day!

Have a magical Christmas at Drayton Manor

On Saturday we went to the opening of Drayton Manor for their Magical Christmas and, even after three years, it never fails to amaze me. I love the effort that they go to, Thomasland looks absolutely amazing and the big Christmas tree is one of my favourites. Everywhere you looked their was snow, sparkly christmas trees and everyone was dressed up in festive fashion too. 

Draytons magical Christmas

Last weekend we took a trip to Drayton Manor for their wonderful, magical Christmas opening at Thomasland in Tamworth, and what a fabulous time we had: snow falling sessions, fat controller songs, Rosie train rides, fascinating lights and lots of fun on the little ones rides.

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