Truth about Harry Quebert affair new drama on Sky Witness #FeelTheDrama

This 10 part drama is going to be the best one for 2018 I think. After watching just one episode I was googling, researching and getting impatient about the next episode. I love the other shows, do not get me wrong, but this really draws you in and quickly. It started on 4 September 2018 and it is on every Tuesday at 9pm. Don’t forget to set up your series link… 

9-1-1 new drama on Sky Witness #FeelTheDrama

So, have you set up a recording for Instinct yet? When you do set up 9-1-1 too! 9-1-1 is a new pulse racing drama on Sky Witness that is based around what happens when you call 911 or 999 in the UK. It is literally life and death in a drama, I have cried of sorrow and joy already and I am only 4 episodes in. It started on 15 August 2018 and it is on every Wednesday at 9pm. Don’t forget to set up your series link… 

What to watch in 2018 #SkyBoxSets #FeelTheDrama

Welcome to the week of #SkyBoxSets, a little celebrations of all the amazing Sky Box Sets that are on my favourite channels. Mostly are on Sky Witness, but below are my favourites from the other channels too – that you simply cannot miss. This week is dedicated to my favourite shows right now, be sure to check back every day. Remember to #FeelTheDrama! There maybe some spoilers in this article, approach with caution… 

What’s inside the locked suitcase? #SkyWitness #ForThePeople

As you may remember on Saturday morning a very locked suitcase arrived on my doorstep. An hour later a mobile phone turned up saying I had to await further instructions to crack the code on the suitcase. Well I can now reveal what is inside the suitcase… You can follow #SkyWitness on social media to keep up to date with the new dramas and other peoples suitcases of course. 

A surprise parcel from Sky Witness #SkyWitness

OK I can definitely FEEL THE DRAMA, I am so excited and also so impatient – for two reasons: one because I got this very “locked” suitcase in the post this morning and secondly because Sky Living is changing to Sky Witness on Monday and it’s my favourite channel, with my favourite shows on it. The suitcase had a note on it that says Feel the Drama on one side and that I have to wait for the unlocking instructions on the other. Eek! 

15 great box sets on Sky Q for Springtime #SkyQ

I seem to spend my life watching box sets on Sky: partly because I can pick them up wherever I am in the house and because they are addictively good! A bonus is you are spoilt for choice. I love it. When I had some time off at the start of the year I finished off one box set series and I have box sets that I watch in between others. For example my husband and I love watching The Blacklist together, but I watch Criminal Minds on my own. I can watch it on any TV in my house, my iPad (anywhere) and also from my Mac too. 

Monday 20 March 2017 @SkyCinemaUK

To celebrate the new Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, Sky Cinema are showing the original Disney Classic. You can download it from Sky Cinema onto your Sky Q box and watch it anytime, in any room. Amazing. I love this film and cannot wait to see the new take at the weekend. Thanks very much @SkyCinemaUK for Isla’s Belle doll, she has been welcomed with open arms by the other Princesses. 

Making the move over to Sky Q

We have been trying out the new Sky Q system at home for a couple of months now and I cannot imagine what life was like before. We used to have a TV, Broadband and phone package with a Sky competitor before and although I loved the broadband speeds the TV system was slow, the remote control was frustrating and I could never find anything to watch. It was hugely frustrating. Sky Q has changed our lives. Not to mention the broadband speeds are still rather quick.


2019 photo challenge February day 3

Today’s keyword for the #mummyphotoaday photo challenge, February day 3, is “pink”.
I’m loving the beautiful wintery days, the skies look amazing with their #pink sunsets. Today had a beautiful blue sky too. It was lovely to get out and get some fresh air. February is looking quite beautiful so far. On another pink note: Isla’s hair is still quite pink too… It’s lasted a little longer than the 12 washes. 😱 #mummyphotoaday

Winter essentials for the home

Since moving I have been looking up tonnes of wonderful goodies for the home. Everything is inspiration and it’s great to see different products and how they alter a room. I have been looking at everything from a larger water tank, to cloakroom sinks. These are some of my favourite Winter essentials though and something for my to do list…

January 2019 photo challenge day 2 #MummyPhotoaDay

 Today’s keyword for the January photo challenge day 2, is “Chilled”.   I love this photo. It’s like something out of the @marypoppinsreturns movie. Isla was mid jump when I captured this moment and it looks like she’s about to start flying into the sky… we have had a nice #chilled day today. It was nice to feel Winter when we walked the dogs, the chill is definitely in the air. The kiddies spent the entire walk in a little imaginary world. Isla was looking for her lost brother, which wasn’t Noah as he was just the boy in the blue jacket. At the end of the walk they found her brother, which was in fact Noah and all was happy again… 😳 #mummyphotoaday

November photo challenge day 26 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today’s keyword for the November photo challenge day 26, is “dark”.  As the nights are drawing in, to basically make the afternoon seem like an hour in time, I’m getting very excited about Christmas. The #dark drives home and the chilly weather can only mean it’s right around the corner. Does anyone else love staring up at the stars when the sky is clear? Or get mesmerised by the full moon? #mummyphotoaday

November photo challenge day 8 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today’s keyword for the November photo challenge day 8, is “sky”.  A great blue #sky, at this time of year is just magical. Not only do I fist pump because it’s not raining. But everything just looks so beautiful. It also means I get to wrap up as you just know it will be a bit crisp outside… If it wasn’t for the trees you wouldn’t know where the lake ends and the sky begins. The kiddies had fun trying to spot a fish or two, Rambo enjoyed this game too. He used to love watching Daddy fish! #mummyphotoaday

Thursday 8 November 2018

Today has been a lovely day, but a bit busy! I had a nice dog walk this morning, the sky was clear and everything looked pretty. I walked a different route, alongside the boat yard – it made me feel like I was beside the coast for a small second. I had my hair cut today, it’s a little shorter than I thought it would be. It was parents evening tonight and we are thrilled. Noah is one of the brightest in his class, always wanting to learn and be the best (very competitive) and Isla has a reading age of 8 years old. We are so proud! 

Six awesome Christmas gifts for children under one

Christmas is a time for giving. It can be an exciting activity to shop for gifts. It’s a great idea to really think about which gifts to give and to find a suitable present for friends and loved ones. It seems like ages since we had a one year old in the house, but there are a few things I remember being fab gifts. Here are some gift ideas for babies under one year old that their parents will just love.

Keeping your children safe in the sun without staying indoors all day!

The hot summer we are currently enjoying in the UK has got us all thinking about how to enjoy the sun responsibly. It’s really hot, even when you are sitting in the house, let alone the sunshine. It is really important to have fun and keep those children safe. 

There is nothing worse than sunburn and there is no more obvious sign of parenting fail than a sunburnt kid! And yet, we want our children to be out and about all summer long, enjoying adventures and the lovely warm sunshine because who knows when we’ll see the big orange ball in the sky again? 

Five nightlights for kids in 2018

When the night falls and you are more tired than your little one, you know that you have to find a trick to help him fall asleep. For a parent, it is not easy to find entertaining yet useful nightlights for kids. It’s way past 9 pmand you know that your kids should have been sleeping for a while now. However, no lullaby or game seem to work when trying to put them into their pajamas.

How to move abroad with kids and actually stay there without breaking the bank!

Having children is expensive as it is. Any parent will tell you that. And to move abroad with them? Let’s not even go there! From flights to shifting your priced possessions, everything’s an expense when you decide to make the leap and move abroad with your children. But let’s assume you’ve already made the move. How on earth can you stretch your budget when living abroad with your little ones? 

Saturday 28 April 2018

Today was chilled, just what I needed. Isla and I did a spot of shopping in the morning and then we snuggled on the sofa watching Sky Movies. What better way to spend a rainy afternoon? It was lovely. This photo made me laugh, I found it in my photo roll when I was looking through my phone. She was making videos of her soft toy, monkey, and also taking photos as it would appear. 🙂 

Thursday 26 April 2018

The doggies enjoyed a nice evening walk with little Isla. It didn’t rain tonight which was a bonus. I caught up with my Sky Q recordings today: the finale of American Crime Story, The Assassination of Versace has blown me away. It’s fab! Everyone should watch it.

How do you motivate yourself to run in the cold? Try Aaptiv

For the past few months I have been quite unwell, feeling very lethargic and sluggish. Turns out I had low iron and folate levels and after taking vitamins for a couple of months to balance those levels out I am finally feeling back to my old self again. I am feeling a happier me too! So I got back into my fitness with a bang in February: gym classes, eating habits, sleeping habits and of course my lunchtime runs. I use two apps when I am out on a run, Aaptiv and Strava, they work brilliantly together and I find Aaptiv great for motivation when you are out on your run.