November photo challenge day 11 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today’s keyword for the November photo challenge day 11, is “party”.  Yesterday was another #party day! The final one of 2018! We’ve had some big ones this year including Hubby’s 40th! It was nice to have family over to celebrate little mans 8th birthday… he’s been overwhelmed with presents and now has a stack of Lego items to build. So he’s very happy! Ps this cake was a bit of a disaster… bake was perfect but the icing didn’t work out very well! #mummyphotoaday

Tuesday 18 September 2018

We played Lego and with our dolls after school this evening. We all sat around the dining table and sat together. Noah is really quick at building Lego – I loved his new drone. We laughed about it being a real one. Now that would be awesome. I am really contemplating buying a giant Lego set for me to do, I find it so relaxing. I love it. 

Operation “move Isla into her own room” is a go go

You may recall many moons ago we decided to move Isla into Noah’s room. Well now it’s time for her to have her own room back. But what a palaver!

When we moved Isla into Noah’s room we quickly learnt we needed bunk beds and storage for all the toys. Her old room became Daddy’s office/dressing room. So in order to get her back into her own room we had to first make room for the extra furniture we’d purchased: desk and wardrobe. It wasn’t a simple room swap.

Mums need to understand the perks of playtime with toys!

I love playing with the children and their toys, we draw together, play LEGO together, dolls and cars. It’s rather therapeutic for me as their Mum as well as for the kiddies themselves. Motherhood is a lovely experience; but, at the same time, there are certain things that new mothers tend to forget! If you have more than one child, then you already know the importance of playtime! But, new Mums need to understand the perks of engaging in playtime.

Tuesday 19 June 2018

We didn’t have Rainbows this evening so we had a friend over instead. Noah had great fun with his friend Sonny. They played cars, Lego and on the trampoline. It was so lovely to see them playing together. Isla felt a little left out though, she wrote a note to Daddy saying she wasn’t having much fun! 

Saving space in your little ones bedroom

As any parent will relate, keeping the kids toys tidy in the house can be hardwork. Making sure you have the right storage options and also making sure the toys are accessible to the children. We decided bunk beds saved us the best amount of space at the moment, as the children share a room. When we buy our own house and the children have their own bedrooms, this will not be the case. So I am starting to look at options that will be perfect for saving space. 

Keeping the children’s toys tidy #MumHacks

The toys in this house are everywhere. It’s the smallest ones that cause me the most problems though: Lego! We’ve all seen that doodle online where the Mum is stepping on Lego all the time. That’s our house. Noah is a typical boy, loves his Lego and Cars. Isla loves her dolls and soft toys. Keeping them all tidy is hard work, so I like to make life easy by having the right storage. 

Sunday 21 January 2018

Today has been super chilled, I’ve had time to relax and crochet, watch a bit of Dexter, played games with the kids. I loved watching them do Noah’s Lego together. They have never done this before! They’ve been brilliant this weekend, I wonder if it’s because we’ve had a chilled one.

Top family home improvements you can do in the Summer Holidays

I like to set myself tasks, sometimes they are tiny things and sometimes very large tasks. The Summer Holidays are great as there is no rushing around on the school runs. This usually means I can get more done, as I am around the home a bit more than term time. With that in mind, I have a mini bucket list of things to do in the Summer Holidays around our family home. Some of these tasks would be a fun thing to do with the kiddies too.

7 Fun building projects for kids

Kids love to see how things work and craft their own creations, so building is a fun pastime for parents to share with their little ones to have fun and help them develop. Of course, actual construction and real tools can be dangerous for children, so there are only certain kinds of building activities that would be suitable for playtime. Some games like Jenga focus on structural design and challenge you to build properly to maintain the stability of the blocks. Even without a designated board game or special building materials, kids tend to find ways to build things out of whatever they can find. Thus, to keep their hands out of mischief and give yourselves something cool to do as a family, consider the following seven kinds of building projects that are kid-friendly:

Monday 24 July 2017

Today it was Daddy day care, I came home to a completely packed car, ready for camping tomorrow. The kids looked like they had had lots of fun at home with Daddy! I captured them comparing Lego Create the World books from Sainsbury’s. They have nearly got all the cards, I think there will be some swapping with friends coming on! 

Saturday 15 April 2017

Today was nice and chilled, Noah and Daddy went to football and Isla and I took a walk into town. She had her lamb backpack on which was very cute. She loved choosing all of the toys for her birthday – which consists of: Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall, Tsum Tsum’s, Disney dolls, Moana dress up outfit and Moana LEGO set. Not much then! 

A snowy November family break in West Yorkshire

We had a lovely weekend, courtesy of our friends, who paid for us all to go to West Yorkshire and spend the weekend together. We had a lovely weekend in the snowy hills of Slaithwaite and the fact it was snowing made the break away extra special. Albeit cold. The barn was absolutely perfect, lots of space and stunning. We had an amazing time out and about, but also inside the barn too. 

101 Ideas for having fun with the kids this summer

What’s better, the warmth of the British summer sun kissing your skin on the beach, or the thrill of a roller coaster ride plunging out of the sky? Yeah, it’s a toss-up for us too. (Or not… Sorry kids, sun, sand and sea every time!) Fortunately, whether you’re a beach girl or thrill fanatic, summer and the kids summer holidays is now just luring around the corner and I think it’s time that we got planning.  

Every little helps with Tesco’s Delivery Saver

Shopping with two children, especially this time of year, is just incredibly frustrating. For both parents and the children no doubt.  Running around the store with the two of them, arguing about what they can and cannot have. Noah claiming that he needs the next Lego set which costs over £20 and Isla screaming because she wants the entire girls’ toy aisle, and not forgetting the cakes. Oh Coco pops. And all the Easter items that are in store at the moment. It’s much easier getting it all delivered, exactly when I want it and for free! This is what the Tesco’s Delivery saver can offer you. 

Saturday 7 November 2015

Today was the first of Noahs birthday parties, his friends all joined him to celebrate in LEGO style. Complete with face masks, LEGO bodies, pin the head on the LEGO man and lots of fun… I cannot believe he will be 5 in two days time. 

Friday 6 November 2015

Noah had his first sleep over in years tonight, he had a special trip to Nanna’s – so we just had a little Isla at home to snuggle. Then it was all party prep for our Lego weekend ahead. Cake decorating and painting boxes for Lego pieces!