Make your own Christmas baubles in 5 easy steps #Cricut

This year we decided to do Secret Santa with my family, its a great idea when there are new babies coming in the family and house deposits to save up for. But it always leaves me feeling like I need to get a little something. I feel bad not giving people something as they spoil our children. So I decided to make everyone their own personalised bauble using my Cricut machine. This is my step by step instructions on how to make your very own Christmas baubles: 

2019 photo challenge February day 13

Today’s keyword for the #mummyphotoaday photo challenge, February day 13, is “red”.
I love seeing all the #redthis time of year… beautiful bouquets waiting to be gifted to a loved one, fun gifts and thoughtful gifts. I’m glad I have the day off on Valentine’s Day as I am going to try out my new @officialcricut_uk machine and goodies… I wonder what I’ll make! Have a super day filled with love everyone #mummyphotoaday

#SilentSunday 30 April 2017

Welcome to 2017’s collection of #SilentSunday photos; today is 30 April 2017. Today’s photo is of the little ones in their bear dress up outfits yesterday. I had a thought afterwards, I am going to make something on my Cricut machine for their brown PJs. I love face painting and the guide in the Snazaroo kit was really helpful. The photos that are linked up are great and I really appreciate everyone that joins in. I would love to see this grow each week with new people linking up. I also love your comments, so a big thank you to everyone who joined in. Don’t forget to grab the badge and join in below… 

Sunday 22 January 2017

Isla and I had a Cricut day and made lots of wonderful creations, thank you cards in the main for our Christmas and birthday presents. Then we had a nice visit from Great Grandma and Uncle Stephen, always nice to have a cup of tea on a cold afternoon. Then we settled down in the evening with a good film: Alice and Wonderland. 

Saturday 3 December 2016

We had a fabulous day, well Mummy did more so, we crafted up some Christmas cards whilst Mummy set up her new Cricut machine. I made Christmas cards, vinyl stickers for a blackboard and I designed the children two Christmas tee’s. I was rather chuffed with myself. I love it.