Our family moments on Carnival Vista

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I have had so many questions since we got home from the cruise, mainly from people with families. The questions have revolved around family. It’s amazing how many people do not realise how family oriented the ships are and especially the Carnival Vista. I was the same before I went though. This post is about general family moments we had on board the Carnival Vista.

#MummyPhotoaDay May photo challenge day 29

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Today’s keyword for the May photo challenge day 29, is “water“. This photo is of our cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines, which seems like forever ago now. You cannot escape the water on a cruise. I think its the perfect way to see the sea and the horizons you get are just breathtaking. This is one of my favourite sunset shots we got of the reflection on the water. 

And who doesn’t love fashion sales? #lovethesales

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I recently discovered a fantastic fashion sales place on the internet, called lovethesales.com. It’s great because it takes all of the sales across multiple brands and displays it in one fell swoop, which means the ultimate sale browsing (at your fingertips). It was so quick and easy to find the brands I wanted and the items I loved, at the fraction of the costs. Clever! 

What family holiday to choose this year?

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I cannot believe it is nearly Summer (it doesn’t feel like it at the moment), that means nearly school holidays which in turn means nearly time for Isla to start school and to upturn our house completely, no more nursery or pre-school. Life will be full of school drop offs and school pick ups (at the same time), two sets of friends over for tea and no doubt a lot of swapping and changing things around to cope with the school holidays. It means that also choosing our family holiday this year is going to be completely different. 

Family fun on a two man canoe #ChillSeekingFamily

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In order to prep us for our cruising adventures in August, Carnival Cruise Lines sent us on an excursion near our home. The idea that it would be a chilled family day and something similar to what we could do as an excursion at one of the ports on the med cruise. I have to say the weather could not have been more perfect, no winds, beautiful sunshine and not too hot. We had a wonderful adventure in our two man canoe. 

Thursday 17 March 2016

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I had a wonderful afternoon with the Carnival Cruise Lines company and the other bloggers involved too, lots of fabulous fun activities to get through before the final cruise date – only 5 months to go. Eek. 


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Where have you seen MummyConstant?   

I work closely with Mumsnet, I love the topics they cover and ideas they have. It is a great place to share thoughts and opinions, or simply read through someone else’s ideas. Recent family topics I have covered with them are Moneybox and Pizza Express.

You can find me on Channel Mum, a place where you can find lots of wonderful vloggers and videos from everything you can possibly imagine. I have worked with Channel Mum on a few campaigns now and it has been a lot of fun! 

We are currently listed in the top 80 videos for Tots100 with our video, A week with the Constants, I love this video. It makes me laugh to watch it back and reflect on some funny moments and family memories: 

Very recently we have been featured as Mummy blog of the month on the website “Private Pregnancy” with my post regarding the recent cancer scare that I went through. 

We are very lucky to have been Carnival Cruise Lines ambassadors for 2016, we had our first family cruise around the Med as the ChillSeeking family, on one of the first few trips on the Carnival Vista ship. It was amazing, we met some fantastic people and great friends that I would hope will be friends for years to come. 

Recently I have been featured on Jacqueline Ashworth for my review of her lovely matilda necklace. I wear it everyday, it’s beautiful and personalised! 

I really enjoyed writing for Sue Ryder in 2014, I featured on their website during Hospice Care Week. The article was all about the fabulous work the carers did whilst my Grandad was in one of their hospices. 

We have been working with Bernard Matthews over the years as a brand ambassador, the children love their products and they come in really handy for quick and easy family meals. 


Online Them featured one of my articles about the digital age and it’s influences on parenting. It is a really interesting read actually! As I said before I am a bit of a geek. 

I have been featured on Tots100 on many occasions, it is a great site to pull together some fabulous parenting blogs. If you ever need reviews, competitions and a good ole read.

Baking with kids – my Monster Inc cookie recipe was a favourite of the Tots100 columnists and they featured the recipe in February 2014. 

Instragrammer of the week in October 2013 – it was amazing to be noticed for my colourful shots and unusual angles as that is what I try to do with my photography. 

Little Isla was featured on the Enchanted Interiors website with her new bedroom design back in 2014, she loved it. I love this photo of her too, she had hardly any hair for so long. 

I featured on the Britmums website in April 2012 with a geeky guide on using an iPad with the WordPress app, it was a lot of fun writing this post. I like writing helpful guides for people. 

I was featured blogger on We Made Me in 2012, you can read a little history about MummyConstant and a bit about our family at the time. 

Awards and nominations


December 2016 – listed no. 3 in the weekly Parent Blogger Club listings. 

May 2016 – listed no. 5 in the top 12 magnificent Mum blogs by Samuel Windsor. Alongside some other fantastic Mummy bloggers, I was very honoured to make this list. 

March 2016 – nominated for the best blogger award for the 2016 Mad Blog Awards

January 2016 – no. 51 in the Tots100 Parenting blog listings. 


September 2015 – no. 68 in the Tots100 Parenting blog listings. 

August 2015 – no. 56 in the Tots100 Parenting blog listings. 


October 2013 – awarded top Instagrammer of the week by Tots100. 


December 2012 – awarded no. 30 in the top 50 pregnancy and baby blogs by Tots100. 



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